Learn About the Significance of Nabell’s Bellows in Laser Cutting Setups

Bellows are installed in industrial setups for various reasons. They can act as friction-resisting elements, aligning elements, and more. However, in laser cutting machines they are used as protective elements. The bellows play important roles in the operation of laser cutting setups. When telescopic covers cannot be used in the laser cutting machines, perforated fold or combination fold bellows are... Read More

Know About Custom Dip Molding Bellows

  Bellows are rubber or plastic covers made in a specific way to protect industrial equipment and machinery from spillage and any other damage due to shocks, vibration, and so on. There are many types of bellows and they serve various purposes. These bellows are made using various techniques and machining processes such as welding, cold forming, hydroforming, and more.... Read More

Bellows in Aerospace: Significance and Scope of Applications Discussed

The applications in the aerospace industry are developed to withstand challenges induced by conditions such as sudden temperature rise, pressure fluctuations, chemical exposure, etc. These conditions are known to induce failure in most standard industrial equipment. While in many industries, these equipment failures may mean downtimes resulting in a waste of efforts and money, in the aerospace industry, equipment failures... Read More

A Brief Discussion over Significance of Bellows in Piping System

Bellows are the expansion joints that are commonly used in pipe systems. The experienced industrial engineers or experts always suggest installing bellows in the piping system. However, if someone is not well-versed with technology, may not understand the significance of bellows in a piping system. Since these bellows are used in the piping system which may carry high temperature, high-pressure... Read More

Why Bellows Are Used in Linear Motion Devices?

The linear motion devices like actuators, rod piston arrangements, automated linear carriages, rail guides, and so on, are often equipped with bellows, boots, and covers. Out of all these, bellows play a highly significant role in the safe operation of these linear motion devices. The linear motion devices are subjected to friction, heat generation, and the impact of environmental elements.... Read More

Nabell USA Corp. Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

The year 2020 has been extremely challenging on various fronts due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nabell USA Corp. as an organization is extremely satisfied to be able to contribute to Covid-19 treatment solutions through our medical bellows. We could make several volumes of PPE kits, respiratory and ventilator bellows, protective covers for surgical tables, MRIs, and CT scans, and other... Read More

Know the Significant Role Played by Bellows in Ventilators

Bellows are protective coverings on machines, equipment, aisles, and so on used widely across industries. They help protect the machines from spillage, external damage, direct heat, vibration, and so on. Based on the material, specifications, these bellows find specific applications across industries, such as ventilator bellows in the medical industry. Bellows have been used in anesthesia systems and ventilators in... Read More

Bellows vs Extension Tubes: Comparison and Benefits

Professional cameras are used to take pictures at various angles and distances using macro and micro lenses. You need precision to move and adjust the lens else the pictures can be shaky and blurred. For this reason, bellows or extension tubes are required. Typically, bellows are covers used for various industrial equipment and machines. They are designed to be flexible... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Polygonal Bellows

Bellows are devices, which are an advanced version of a flexible bag. They are specifically designed and used across industries to safeguard various machines and equipment. They expand and contract to allow varying protection, a strong gush of air to enter and exit for positive/negative pressures and additional structural over a simple round or square shape. Bellows in general are... Read More

A Brief Guide to Manufacturing Methods and Specifications of Tapered Bellows

Tapered bellows are highly demanded products in different industries. These bellows are named so due to one end being smaller than the other. They are often used in the applications requiring light shielding, machine coupling, changing temperatures and varying pressures. These are specifically manufactured for use with cameras and other optical devices. These tapered bellows correct misalignments of joint objects... Read More

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