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Robots have been used in industrial processes over decades; however, they have evolved with time and are programmed to do more complex and intelligent tasks than before. Cobots are an evolved version of robots or arms designed to do mundane tasks in a manufacturing unit. Cobots are collaborative robots designed to work alongside humans in an industrial environment. Nowadays, manufacturers and material handling industries are investing extensively in these cobots to improve their operational efficiencies and workplace safety. FANUC CRX cobots developed by FANUC Corporation stand tall among them. Considering the features of these cobots and the environment they function in, it is necessary to offer them a protective cover. This post analyzes the significance of these cobots and offers tips on optimizing the value of these devices in industrial environments using specially designed FANUC robot suits made by Nabell.

FANUC Robot-Flex Suit

Introduction to FANUC CRX Series Collaborative Robots

The CRX Series of collaborative robots developed by FANUC features versatile and flexible robotic arms that can bend to the required angles, reach horizontally and vertically, and are easy to use even for a first-time user. They are largely used in assembly, palletizing, machine tending, inspection, welding, packing, dispensing, and other applications. There are many models in this series; however, the focus here is on CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L models. Here are some features of these two models.

  • They are lightweight, easy to install, super flexible, and can be easily connected to peripheral devices.
  • They have a payload of 10 kg and six controlled axes.
  • CRX-10iA has a motion range of 1249mm, 2498mm, while CRX-10iA/L has1418mm, 2836mm along the X and Y axis and towards the end of flange.
  • Their repeatability is around ±0.04mm and is used in handling, assembling, and arc welding processes.
  • They have easy-connect grippers and vision tools.
  • They are safe, as these cobots have a smooth surface and a rounded design. When operating, they immediately stop upon light contact with people when operating. Hence, they are suitable for working alongside humans in industrial setups.
  • They come with an intuitive user interface and a responsive manual guided teach.
  • These cobots are low on maintenance despite many intelligent functions such as built-in vision and force sensors.
  • While they are designed to resist dust and water, and function in harsh operating environments, both these CRX series models need special protection. This is why the cobot suits manufactured by Nabell are needed.

This next section offers insight on cobot suits designed by Nabell, and offers reasons to consider them for your CRX series cobots.

Introduction to FANUC Cobot Suits

Nabell has designed the NRF Series of Robot-Flex Suits by combining the traditional processing technique with 3D printing, especially for these FANUC models to offer protection from various environmental factors and operational stressors.

Beneficial Features of FANUC Cobot Suits

Here are some features of FANUC cobot suits that protect your cobots and can extend their operational life.

  • These cobot suits are made in various materials categorized from NRF1 to NRF6, depending on their fabric material, thickness, temperature resistance, tensile strength, common application areas, and more. Here are some pointers based on these categories.
    • NRF1: This material with a polyurethane surface is meant for general or standard operating environments. It is resistant to dust and water.
    • NRF2: This FANUC cobot suit material is impact-resistant and protects the cobot arm from blasts, abrasion, and chips. Hence, they are helpful in applications such as welding, fabrication, and so on.
    • NRF3: The cobot suits made from this material are suitable for environments where cobots are exposed to chemicals, oils, paints, and other substances.
    • NRF4: This material has a silicon base, which helps improve their resistance to oils and coolants.
    • NRF5: Made of carbon – Aramid fiber material, these suits have aluminum vapor deposition surface. These suits are designed for resistance to heat and spattering.
    • NRF6: This material has a polyurethane surface, making it suited for FANUC cobots used in food processing and clean room applications.
  • These suits are thoughtfully designed and easy to use.
  • They offer superior condensation barriers even in the most challenging environments.
  • These suits facilitate an optimal range of motion for the FANUC CRX series robots and ensure free movement without any fitment obstruction.
  • These NRF suits ensure improved grippers and hand mechanics sensor covers, which helps extend the operational life of cobots.

Per many industrial regulations, the use of cobot protective coverings is mandatory. If you are an OEM using FANUC CRX series cobots, you can consider these cobot suits. Nabell offers customization options for FANUC cobot suits to protect your bot from dust, spillage, contamination, and more. In case you require any further information regarding FANUC cobot suits, feel free to contact Nabell’s team via phone or email.

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