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Can I buy only one bellows?

A: Absolutely! From a replacement for a 20th century camera to a current surgical table, Nabell will fulfill your requirements.

Can you expedite or rush my order?

A: Yes. In many cases we can do so, per your request. Fees may be imposed in events such as overtime labor requirements to meet your needs or next day shipping and logistics costs.

Can I get an estimate or a ballpark price?
A: After understanding your requirements, Nabell will submit a Quote for your review. We prefer not to estimate or ballpark, as these are just guesses.
Do you have a standard or off-the-shelf bellows?
A: We manufacture bellows to fit your unique equipment and application. We do not maintain inventory of completed bellows.
Can you provide 2D drawings and/or 3D models?
A: Yes. As a matter of practice, you will receive preliminary files for your approval and once the order has been finalized, you can request full drawings and/or models, to keep for your records.
Can I give you the make and model of my equipment for you to make a bellows from?

A: Generally, no. It will help, but as we strive to improve the OEM design, we need the dimensions you require or a part to reverse engineer.

I found Nabell's logo on my bellows. Can I buy the OEM bellows directly from you?

A: Yes, through our MRO division, if our contract with the OEM has expired. Call us for more details.

What is the normal lead-time for delivery?
Generally, 3~4 weeks ARO. However, if your equipment is down, our engineers can suggest options to get you back up and running. Just give us a call!
What kinds of materials can you recommend?

A: We have most materials that are common to the various industries, however, we are constantly learning and working with new materials and will help you choose the correct material for your particular application.

Our company is located outside of the U.S., can you ship internationally?
A: Yes, with exceptions due to restrictions by the U.S. government.
What's the process to get a quotation?
A: Click “Request Quote” button on any page or call to speak directly with one of our engineers.
What shipping companies do you use?
A: We have relationships with many domestic and international shipping companies. We will work with your purchasing and your logistics department to best serve your needs.
Which payment methods can you accept?
A: Currency: U.S. Dollar. Bank: Check, ACH, Wire Transfer. Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express
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