Product Specification
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesThermal Welding, Perforated Fold, Combination Fold, Sewn Shape
Material Thickness0.2mm ~ 1.17mm
Base Material SelectionAluminized Kevlar, Polyurethane coated Polyester, Silicone Fiberglass cloth, Polyurethane coated Nylon, preoxydized Kevlar, Polyurethane coated Nomex and PVC Coated Polyester
ColorVaries depending on material choice.We can also provide most any preferred color.
PackagingTo customers specifications
Industry for UseLaser Cutting, machining
Delivery TimeGenerally 4-5 weeks
Drawing Type AcceptedDWG, DXF, STEP, Native SolidWORKS
Tooling CostsIn most cases, we don’t charge any tooling costs to our clients

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Most laser machines and laser cutting systems utilize special types of bellows for efficient functioning. The beam path optics in these systems are extremely sensitive and need to be protected from particles, dust, and several other contaminants. Thus, each axis in these systems utilize bellows that offer excellent protection to its rails and beam path. Bellows are made from materials that don’t deflect or absorb the laser beam passing through it, while allowing nitrogen or purified air to pass through it.

At Nabell USA, we provide laser cutting bellows in materials that protect the beam path optics and assure a precise beam positioning. All our laser cutting bellows are designed such that they can easily withstand the pressure changes as well as mechanical loads produced due to the fast working of cutting heads at high speeds. We have also developed a patented solution comprising aluminum reflectors that are placed on the interiors of the bellows. This helps ensure that in the event of the laser beams piercing through the bellows, the machine will automatically shut down, thereby preventing machine damage or injury to people around.

Certifications & Standards

Quality is the commitment that guides us at Nabell USA. Over the years, we have tried to fulfill this commitment by investing in manufacturing technologies and materials that are known to perform. The following certifications and standards are the attestation of our commitment to quality.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL94-VTM0 test standard for wire insert bellows

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