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Marine Industry

In the marine industry, bellows are used both on the boat and off it. The core job of the bellows is to protect the engine portion from water. It also works as a clamped gasket that remains in place and inhibits the entry of water, dirt, and debris from getting inside. While water is used by vessels to prevent overheating of the engine and allow the heat to dissipate, it must not reach the engine. There are various types of boats and vessels for different purposes such as naval ships, cargo ships, cruise ships, fishing boats, and so on. Each of these vary in terms of size and requirements. At Nabell, we design marine bellows to your exact specification based on the type of ship and other factors related to your business.

Types of Marine Bellows We Offer at Nabell

As mentioned, there are some bellows which are used on boats and ships, while others are used for some port equipment as well as manufacturing machines of ship parts. Whether on-boat or off-boat, they basically protect the machines and equipment from water, grime, rust, chemicals in the water, vibration, heating, and so on. They also offer the required flexibility to the equipment. We, at Nabell, can assist with both of these categories of marine bellows.

  • On-boat bellows: These are used around the joints and cables in and out of the boat. They are also used for engine exhaust and propulsion systems. The bellows outside or surrounding the boat which come in contact with water are applied a layer of pesticide to keep marine and aquatic creatures away. There’s also one on the driving unit. These bellows are applicable for all kinds of boats from a personal boats and yachts to commercial and naval ones such as cargo ships, oil tankers, combat vessels, and so on. Nabell can help with outsourcing any Dip-Molded or Injection molded styles, as needed.
  • Off-boat bellows: There are bellows required in the marine sector, but not on the boat. These are used as flexible cameras, expandable buses, and for other equipment on the port such as communication and navigation systems. They are also used in units where boat parts or related components are manufactured. Here, they are used to cover the machines and equipment used to make these parts.


Here are the specifications for our marine bellows.

  • Applied Processes: At Nabell, we make marine bellows using various methods such as heat sealing, RF welding, and folding. These methods allow us to offer utmost precision in the bellows.
  • Base Materials: Choosing the right materials suitable for the marine environment is crucial. In some cases, we may use rubber, while in others we use metals and polythene such as polyurethane coated nylon, polyurethane film to make these bellows. We ensure these materials comply with the set industry standards and meet the application requirements in the marine industry.
  • Material Thickness: This aspect depends on the material chosen. For most polyurethane materials, the thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 0.54mm.  The bellows are customized as per client requirement.
  • Colors: The color will depend on the material chosen. We share the available colors with the client and let them decide.
  • Packaging: Packaging is crucial to prevent damage in transit. We decide the type of packaging based on client specifications.
  • Delivery Times: For a standard requirement, we deliver on four to five weeks, especially for rush orders. Depending on the complexity of the requirement, this may increase and will be decided with the client and delivered accordingly.
  • File Types Accepted: We accept your designs and you can send the same in any of the formats such as DWG, DXF, STEP, and Native Solid WORKS.
  • Tooling Costs: For most cases, we do not charge any tooling fees.

Certifications and Standards

Marine is one of those mission critical applications, where complying to the industry standards and obtaining the required certifications is of utmost importance. We stick to the industry standards when manufacturing marine bellows, and have the following certifications that assert our credibility.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL94-VTM0 test standard for wire insert bellows

If you are in the marine industry and require bellows for your shipping equipment as well as manufacturing units, we can be your reliable partner. Over the years, we have gathered more than enough experience by working with clients from diverse sectors and exclusively catering to each requirement. We offer a high level of customization as well as reverse engineering with the utmost precision and accuracy. You can share your requirements with us at nabell.com and one of our engineers will get in touch with you. Based on your requirements, we can also offer you a quick quote. For any further questions or enquiries, you can reach us via email or phone.


Nabell USA employs a dedicated engineering staff capable of communicating directly with our customers to provide assistance in achieving the best product solution for your application.

Our engineers utilize AutoCAD and SolidWORKS design software and have full in-house rapid prototyping equipment. This allows our team to produce custom bellows and prototypes without the need for expensive tooling and prolonged lead times.

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