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Being a reliable and experienced high-quality bellows manufacturer, Nabell USA Corporation strives to offer bellows for industries in a wide range of sizes and specifications as per the application requirements. At Nabell, we possess vast experience in designing industrial bellows for our clients in the marine, manufacturing and processing sector. We can create bellows in different expansion and compression capabilities with the required bend radii.

Marine Industries Boat

Marine Industry

In the marine industry, bellows are used both on the boat and off it. The core job of the bellows is to protect the engine portion from water. It also works as a clamped gasket that remains in place and inhibits the entry of water, dirt, and debris from getting inside. While water is used by vessels to prevent overheating of the engine and allow the heat to dissipate, it must not reach the engine.

manufacturing industry bellows

Manufacturing and Processing

Industrial bellows for manufacturing and processing are designed with special consideration to their operating environments. These bellows are often used to protect equipment where they may be exposed to challenges such as high temperatures, vibration, chemicals, radiation, and many more. As a result, they are designed using specialized materials in innovative designs.

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