Product Specification
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPerforated Fold, Combination Fold
Material Thickness0.2mm ~ 1.17mm
Base Material SelectionAluminized Kevlar, Polyurethane, Neoprene coated Nylon, Polyurethane coated Polyester, Silicone Fiberglass cloth, Polyurethane coated Nylon, preoxydized Kevlar, Polyurethane coated Nomex, PVC Coated Polyester
ColorVaries depending on material choice
PackagingTo customers specifications
Industry for UseMachine tool, general industrial, clean room, medical, optical, photographic and others…
Delivery TimeGenerally 4-5 weeks
Drawing Type AcceptedDWG, DXF, STEP, Native SolidWORKS

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Polygonal bellows are used in various industries to shield or protect machines and equipment from abrasion and contamination. Polygonal bellows are not just meant for protection but also for aesthetic appeal. They are especially applicable in industrial segments such as laser cutting, clean rooms, and linear motion devices. Polygonal bellows, as the name suggests, can be made in various forms such as hexagonal, octagonal, and more. It can be made for vertical, as well as horizontal alignments, or a mix of both. At Nabell USA Corp, we make polygonal bellows from a variety of materials. Our experience in making polygonal bellows with a focus on quality enables us to build according to the performance requirements of our customers from diverse industries.

Specifications of Polygonal Bellows by Nabell

Widely established as an industry-leader with best-in-class processes and a qualified team of engineers, we are equipped to customize your bellows on par with your application requirements. Simple to install and affordably priced, our polygonal bellows are made utilizing the following specifications.

  • Applied/Processes: Made from high-quality materials and fabrics, our polygonal bellows are manufactured utilizing the best of thermal welding, RF welding, sewing and folding techniques. Our expertise in these processes enable us to make, most any welded, perforated fold, combination fold, and sewn shaped bellows.
  • Material Thickness:With a single layer or multi-layer construction including outer fabric, core material(s), and inner fabric, the above-mentioned materials for our three-sided bellows and way covers have a thickness ranging from 0.2mm ~ 1.17mm.
  • Base Material: We have a diverse inventory of base materials including:
    • Aluminized Kevlar
    • Polyurethane
    • Neoprene coated Nylon
    • Polyurethane coated Polyester
    • Silicone Fiberglass cloth
    • Polyurethane coated Nylon
    • preoxydized Kevlar
    • Polyurethane coated Nomex
    • PVC Coated Polyester
  • Color: Dependent on base material and applied process. Custom colors may be available.
  • Packaging: We individually package and adhere to your specific requirements.
  • Delivery Time: Our general delivery is 4-5 weeks for our three-sided bellows. We also work to accommodate rush orders, especially customers with MRO requirements.
  • File Type Accepted: DWG, DXF, STEP and Native SolidWORKS formats.
  • Tooling Cost: Generally, None.

Our high-quality polygonal bellows are used in various industrial segments. Apart from protection, these bellows can offer an aesthetic value, second to none. Due to its shape and alternate folding method, polygonal bellows can be lightweight as well as offer both flexibility and stability. The following are a few application areas of polygonal bellows:

  • Laser cutters
  • Plasma cutters
  • Water jet cutters
  • Measuring machines
  • Lift tables
  • Milling machines
  • Machine tools
  • Wood-working machines
  • Piston rods and guides
  • Robot and Robot Arms
  • Clean Rooms

Certifications and Standards:

With over forty-seven years of world-class design and manufacturing experience, compliance and certification requirements have become a “norm” for us and the industries we serve. We utilize ISO 9001:2015 as our Quality Management System and meet or exceed many standards such as; REACH, RoHS, COC, FAIR CONFLICT Minerals, UL94 VTM-0 (flame-resistant test) and many other special requirements from our customers.

At Nabell USA Corp, you get freedom to customize bellows to rightly suit your application requirements. Manufactured from the finest range of materials, these are not only low on maintenance but also high in performance in strenuous environmental conditions. Our polygonal bellows can also protect equipment exposed to hot chips, grit, dust, and other abrasive particles. Talk to a Nabell engineer, for a no cost consultation, to see what we can do for you, today.

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