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Robot-Flex® Robot Suit for Techman

Robot-Flex® Robot Suit for Techman


NABELL combined our traditional processing techniques with the latest 3D printing technologies.

For:Techman Robot

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Collaborative robots, commonly known as cobots, are portable robotic devices designed to work alongside humans in industrial factory settings. They perform a range of tasks, including welding, product inspection, dispensation, and conveyance. Despite being crafted for challenging environments, certain vital components of cobots, such as their arms, are susceptible to damage from extreme environmental factors and operational conditions. With the increasing adoption of cobots in recent years, Nabell recognized the necessity for protective measures to safeguard the robot arms from adverse environmental impacts that could compromise their performance and longevity.

In response to this need, we have developed the NRF Series of our Robot-Flex suits, tailored specifically for collaborative robots like those of the TECHMAN brand. Our cobot suits are meticulously designed to provide an optimal range of motion for each cobot model, enhancing the cover's longevity. The NRF Series combines traditional processing techniques with cutting-edge 3D printing technologies.

Robot-Flex Suits and Their Main Uses

Nabell has developed a variety of fabric options for our Robot-Flex Robot Suits. The following suits are designed to protect your collaborative robot according to your usage environment.

Test results based on our standard structure:

  • Lacquer Thinner 100%:ISO6450 Passed
  • Nitric Acid (31%), Hydrochloric Acid (23%), Ammonia, Skydrol, Methyl Ethyl Carbonate
  • Half-life Period: 9.7 seconds (Warp: 670V, Weft: 740V)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Water (Oxydol), Hypochlorous Acid Water, (Conc. 200ppm), Sodium Hypochlorite (Conc. 0.02%), Hypochlorous Acid Water (Conc. 400ppm), Sodium Hypochlorite (Conc. 0.1%)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide(Oxydol): Positive
  • Hypochlorous Acid, (Conc. 200ppm), Sodium Hypochlorite (Conc. 0.02%): Slightly changed color on the material (White ⇒ Light yellow), No tearing
  • Hypochlorous Acid (Conc. 400Ppm), Sodium Hypochlorite (Conc. 0.1%): Spray Test: Positive
  • Hypochlorous Acid (Conc. 400Ppm), Sodium Hypochlorite (Conc. 0.1%): Immersion Test: Slightly changed color on the material (White ⇒ Light yellow), No tearing

NRF Series Robot-Flex Suits and Features

Our following NRF Series Robot-Flex Suits are tailor-made for specific purposes. The materials have been developed after years of research and are proven to offer the best value for investment.

  • NRF-1: The suits are 0.90 mm thick and are designed for general purpose use. NRF-1 suits are Dust and Water Resistant.
  • NRF-2: The suits are 0.70mm thick and assure great Impact Resistance. The suit protects arms from blast, abrasion, and chips.
  • NRF-3: The suits are 0.59mm thick and assure excellent Paint Resistance. The suit protects arms during misting, chemical cleanings, wash downs and painting.
  • NRF-4: The suits are 1mm thick and provide Oil and Coolant Resistance. These are used to protect arms during machining.
  • NRF-5: The suits offer great Heat and Spatter Resistance, and are used to protect cobot arms during machining and welding processes.
  • NRF-6: The suits are 0.54 mm thick and assure excellent Food and Drug Resistance These are primarily designed for food processing units and clean room applications.

In addition to the above, we also provide partial covers, peripheral device covers, and covers to protect different types of industrial robots and cobots. These covers are custom-made to your specifications and tested to meet stringent operational standards.

What to Expect from Our Robot-Flex Suits:

  • Ease of Use: All Robot-Flex suits are designed for easy application and removal.
  • Specialized Materials: Constructed with specialized materials to ensure enhanced durability and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Environmental Protection: These suits create robust condensation barriers, particularly in challenging environments.
  • Improved Gripper and Hand Mechanics Sensor Cover: Our Robot-Flex suits enhance gripper and hand mechanics sensor protection.
  • Comprehensive Protection: They provide safeguarding against heat, shock, water, dust, oil, and various other contaminants.

We understand that cobots represent significant investments for our industrial clients, serving crucial roles in performing diverse challenging tasks and contributing to the creation of safe working environments for factory floor employees. At Nabell, we are dedicated to promoting safe working environments and delivering products that help clients optimize the value of their robotics and automation investments. Our extensive research and expertise in creating high-quality machine covers have culminated in the development of the unmatched standards embodied in our Robot-Flex suits. For inquiries about the NRF Series of our Robot-Flex suits or specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to assist you.

Name NRF-1 NRF-2 NRF-3 NRF-4 NRF-5 NRF-6
Fabric Material NRF-1 NRF-2 NRF-3 NRF-4 NRF-5 NRF-6
Fabric thickness [mm] 0.90 0.70 0.59 1.00 - 0.54
Heat resistant [°C / F] 80 / 176 60 / 140 150 / 302 300 / 572 700 / 1292 150 / 302
Cold resistant [°C / F] -20 / -4 0 / 32 -60 / -76 -155 / -247 - -30 / -22
Tear strength [N]
(warp / woof)
34.3 / 28.4 392 / 398 - ≧50 / ≧80 ≧50 / ≧50 -
Tensile strength [N]
(warp / fill)
214 / 117 1510 / 1360 185 / 115 ≧600 / ≧500 ≧5000 / ≧4000 242 / 126
Dustproof / Waterproof*1 IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
IP 54
IP 55
Characteristic Dust & Water
Oil & Coolant
Heat & Spatter
Food & Drug
Some common uses General Purpose Blast Abrasion, Chips Painting, Misting Machining Welding Food Process, Clean room

*Please feel free to inquire about other demands.

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Fabric Material (CLICK on Image)

NRF-1: Dust & Water Resistant, NRF-2: Impact Resistant, NRF-3: Paint Resistant, NRF-4: Oil & Coolant Resistant, NRF-5: Heat & Spatter Resistant, NRF-6: Food & Drug Resistant


Fit meets function

The NRF Series of our Robot-Flex suits are unique products and developed with much consideration. We believe the following features of our suits make them popular with all leading Cobot suppliers.

  • All Robot-Flex suits are easy to put on and take off.
  • They are made of specialized materials, which assure improved durability and reduced maintenance costs.
  • They create excellent condensation barriers in challenging environments.
  • Our Robot-Flex suits assure improved gripper & hand mechanics sensor cover
  • They insure protection against heat, shock, water, dust, oil and other contaminants.
Our cobot suits are designed for optimal range of motion for each of the cobot models offered, which also extends the cover’s life.
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