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Bellow guards or bellow covers are extensively used in industrial equipment to protect some valuable components like machine ways or ball screws from damage. They can also be used to conceal these components or to improve the aesthetic appeal of the components. Although small and compact in size, these bellow guards play a key role in the functioning of equipment. This post analyzes seven factors that make them a valuable investment for any industrial facility.

9 Benefits of Using Bellow Guards for Your Industrial Equipment

Bellow guards are unique and protective enclosures that are used in various industrial machinery to safeguard the equipment. They contribute to the equipment in many ways.

  • Contaminant Protection: Bellow guards protect components like ball screws and machine screws against dust, chips, dirt, liquids, and other contaminants. They help extend the equipment’s lifespan and minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Longevity of Machinery: Machinery components like ball screws, lead screws, and guideways may incur wear and tear due to external elements, and friction when they come close to each other. Bellows help avoid this from happening and ensure a long machine lifespan.
  • Easy Movements: Bellow guards are made of flexible materials and they do not interfere with machine movements. They help ensure the machine’s mechanical parts move freely within their enclosure.
  • Noise Reduction: Bellow guards help dampen noise and vibrations that are generated by the parts they protect. Overall, they help reduce the operating noise of machines, which has emerged as one of the key requirements in industrial environments.
  • Temperature Resistance: Industrial equipment is operated at high speeds, which generates high temperatures during continuous operation. Although most machine components are engineered to perform for a long time, they may get damaged due to high-temperature exposure. Bellow guards are made from materials that can absorb heat and resist high temperatures, thereby making them an ideal component for environments where they may be exposed to high temperatures.
  • Improved Safety: Bellow guards cover potential pinch points and moving parts, which safeguard machine parts and people. How? People do not come in contact with hazardous machine parts.
  • Increased Productivity: Bellow covers protect machine parts from contaminants or coming in contact. All these factors contribute to fewer breakdowns and have minimal maintenance interruptions. This ultimately increases productivity.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Bellow covers are made from different types of metals and synthetic materials, with brilliant physical appearance. Their accordion-like structure combined with the metallic luster or coating on non-synthetic materials helps improve the aesthetics of bellow guards. These small guards installed on screws or other sensitive components help improve their aesthetic appeal. This can be extremely beneficial in customer-facing industries.
  • Quick Installation and Removal: Bellow covers are easy to install over machine components and guideways. Many bellow manufacturers offer them in custom specifications, thereby making installation and removal much simpler in case of replacements or maintenance work.

If you have been looking for bellow guards for your applications, consider sourcing them from experienced manufacturers like Nabell USA Corporation. The company has delivered high-quality machine bellows in custom specifications for several years now. It has developed unique manufacturing processes and proprietary materials which when combined with extensive industry experience have resulted in precision-engineered and lasting bellow guards.

Telescopic way covers, flat bellows, 3-sided bellows, round bellows, linear motion bellows, water jet cutting bellows, and polygonal bellows are only a few types of machine bellow guards developed by the company. You can talk to the experts at the company to discuss your bellow guard requirements. Alternatively, you can use the bellows calculator on the website to get an idea of the estimated price for custom bellows.

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