Manufacturing and Processing Industry

Industrial bellows for manufacturing and processing are designed with special consideration to their operating environments. These bellows are often used to protect equipment where they may be exposed to challenges such as high temperatures, vibration, chemicals, radiation, and many more. As a result, they are designed using specialized materials in innovative designs. At Nabell, we possess vast experience in designing industrial bellows for our clients in the manufacturing and processing sector. We can create bellows in different expansion and compression capabilities with the required bend radii.

Specifications for Industrial Bellows for Manufacturing and Processing Industry

We specialize in custom bellows, which are designed to meet various challenging requirements of our clients. We have invested in technology and people and have developed capabilities in the design and manufacturing of industrial bellows. The following capabilities enable us to meet complex client requirements with ease.

  • Base Materials: We regularly design bellows using the following materials:
    • PVC-coated Polyester and Nylon
    • Polyurethane-coated Nylon
    • TPU
    • Viton
    • EPDM
    • PU-coated Polyester
    • Urethane-coated Nomex
    • Hypalon
    • Neoprene
    • Chloropene
    • Kevlar
    • Aramid Fibers
  • Applied Processes: We employ processes like thermal welding and perforation folding. Our experts use wire inserts to define bellow shapes and this adds to high-impact resistance of our bellows.
  • Shapes: We can make bellows in round, rectangular, square, and any custom shapes of your choice.
  • Colors: The bellows are generally manufactured in an array of stocked colors; however, we can provide them in custom colors on request.
  • Packaging: We can provide the bellows in packaging specified by you.
  • Delivery: The delivery times may range from four to five weeks, depending on your requirements.
  • Tooling Costs: We do not charge any tooling costs from our clients.
  • File Types Accepted: You can send your design files in formats such as DXF, DWG, NativeSolidWorks, and STEP.

Types of Bellows for Manufacturing and Processing Industry

We take pride in our client base that comprises some of the best names in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical processing industries. We generally provide custom bellows for the following applications:

  • Sealed valves
  • Valve stems
  • Shaft seals
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Hot fluid transport piping
  • Process piping and expansion joints

Certification and Standards

Quality and safety are two commitments we have made to ourselves, clients, and partners. This is clearly visible in everything we do. The bellows are manufactured to the highest standards at our state-of-the-art facility. We pay attention to the exact standards mentioned by our clients, and take utmost care for the safety of our people and premises. The following certificates and compliances show our commitment to quality and safety.

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • UL94-VTM0 test standard for wire insert bellows

Nabell USA has set high standards for quality and performance with its industrial bellows. All our bellows are designed and developed for long-term leak-free performance. They assure maintenance-free operations. Feel free to contact our team today to discuss your special industrial bellows for manufacturing and processing applications.

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