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Macro photography, which is basically extreme close-up photography, is widely established as one of the most rewarding genres of photography. Usually, cameras with interchangeable lenses are utilized to capture amazing macro photographs of small plants, animals, and insects. Although, the lenses used in macro photography claim to have macro functions, the photographers, especially novice ones find it difficult to invest on such expensive ones. But, no worries. Several ways can be incorporated into your camera to get macro photos with great image quality. One amongst such technique todays’ photographers largely employ is with the use of bellows. How will the use of bellows benefit macro photography? The post discusses this in brief.


Why Opt Bellows in Macro Photography

Bellows are simply accordion-like, pleated expandable parts, which are normally mounted between the camera and the lens. The bellows, which can be extended or retracted, allows the photographer to move the lens even farther from the camera to capture amazing extreme close up shots. The following are the few amongst the several benefits you can obtain by using the bellows.

  • The use of a bellows-based camera can ensure that the expected level of magnification is achieved with the extension of the bellows.
  • Bellows provides the camera with the ability to focus with the existing lens, thus helping you capture the object from closer quarters.
  • Bellows, which are provided as part of a camera or as an optional accessory, allows tilting the lens. This results in the capture of superb images.
  • Providing the ability to adjust the focus, bellows incorporated cameras ensure that the parallel elements in a scene remain parallel in the final photograph.
  • Bellows incorporated camera provides the photographer with a greater range of adjustment options.
  • Bellows-based cameras are more flexible than the ones with the extension tubes and allow for image corrections such as Perspective or Keystone effects.
  • Bellows, which are best suited for working indoors in a studio, allow movements that can be used to correct distortion in a photograph.
  • Bellows are immensely beneficial for those photographers who do a lot of focus stacking.

Choosing a bellows based camera brings you all these advantages, which in turn eases your job as a macro photographer. Incorporating bellows to your cameras is not a tedious task, in fact it is a simple step. You just need to get the right camera bellows from a leading manufacturer like Nabell Corporation who is committed to provide quality bellows. Getting bellows from such prominent manufacturer also helps you in receiving valuable technical guidance regarding the fitting of the bellows to the camera.

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