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Bellows are used in various segments across the marine industry. They are used in shipping vessels and help prevent vibrations and heat-induced damage in them. With such an important role to play, shipping companies understand the importance of investing in quality bellows. Shipping is a huge industry, and vessel and engine manufacturing incur significant costs. So, the engine, propulsion, and exhaust systems of these vessels must be protected from damage. Often, bare or insulated metal bellows as well as polyurethane bellows are used to protect these systems in ships and vessels from direct exposure to vibration, heat, seawater, and more. It is necessary for a vessel manufacturer as well any shipping company to install these bellows and custom way covers from experienced manufacturers in this segment. Nabell USA Corp. is an absolutely reliable partner in this regard. This post explores Nabell’s engineering expertise and capabilities in marine bellows.

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An Overview of Custom Way Covers for the Marine Industry

Aside from protection, custom way covers, and bellows used in the marine industry help save on costly repairs and wear maintenance which may be due to constant vibration. It is commonly installed on the tubing and piping of these systems. Nabell, as one of the experienced bellows manufacturers for the marine industry, offers custom way covers and bellows, all thanks to an advanced manufacturing unit and highly skilled and experienced employees. Also, the company has embraced modern technology and sticks to industry guidelines to make way covers in custom specifications. Here are some pointers and specifications the company recommends when selecting custom bellows for the marine industry, whether on or off the ship.

  • Bellows when rightly designed and fitted on the joints of pipes and tubing of vessels serve as excellent shock absorbers as they don’t let the constant vibration affect the engine, propulsion systems, and tubing.
  • It is necessary for an OEM of ships and vessels to discuss the requirements with the bellows manufacturer at length, so that they can deliver as per exact specifications. The right fitment helps in better shock absorption and reduced possibilities of wear & tear.
  • Using polyurethane variants as the core material for bellows is a good option as they are sturdy yet flexible and do not cause friction. Also, polyurethane such as polyurethane coated nylon can withstand harsh marine environments such as cyclones, heat, sea water, and so on.
  • As mentioned, the bellows in this sector are required off the ships as well. There are many machines and equipment on the shipping port which require such sturdy bellows, such as navigation systems, cameras, communication systems, and more. They are also required in manufacturing units were ship parts are made.
  • Crossover piping and tubing are common aspects in ships. These bellows must have specific combination of joints for angular and lateral expansion and movement. Their performance enhances if they have a hooded design. Most importantly, they must be pressure balanced. These are also used for safety valve applications.
  • It is crucial that these bellows meet the required safety standards for pipes set by the Maritime Society as well as the pressure equipment standards.
  • Nabell designs and manufactures custom way covers and bellows for engine exhaust systems of ship vessels, and off-ship ones too. They meet all the above requirements and standards. The company is particular about choosing the right material as well its thickness based on the application requirements. The thickness usually ranges from 0.2mm to 0.54mm. The processes used at Nabell include RF welding, folding, and heat sealing which are extremely reliable. The company takes care of packaging and allows the client to choose the right packaging type.

If you have been considering to buy protective customized bellows for your marine and offshore applications, ensure to get in touch with the experts at the company. With years of market presence and skilled employees, the company has become a well-known manufacturer and supplier of bellow covers in the United States. Aside from custom way covers, Nabell offers great quality protective steel telescopic covers, CNC machine way covers, bellows covers, and so on. The company offers fast turnaround times without compromising on quality and accuracy.

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