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Are you into manufacturing? If so, then you might have come across, or even used bellows. If you are unaware of what bellows are, then this post will help you understand them. A bellows is most commonly used as a component of a machine, by many manufacturers, for covering key elements of the machine while protecting from contaminants and even human interference. Now, these components can play a vital role in the operation of the equipment, especially in the manufacturing industry. Thus, while selecting them, you need to be extra-conscious of many factors. Taking into account the following parameters is considered to be a true beginning for selecting the right bellows:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • Ease of Assembly for your technician or customer
  • Protection from Water, Weld Spatter, Metal Chips, Corrosion, Laser, Plasma, Dust & etc.
  • Pressure Range: Internal and/or External
  • Compliances: REACH, RoHS, FAIR, COC and any Conflict Materials details

However, choosing the right bellows is not a problem, when you take help from experts like Nabell. Now, you might ask, why should I consider Nabell for my bellows? Read the post to find answers.

Who or What is Nabell?
Nabell Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of bellows for a variety of markets. The company, which was founded in Japan by Mr. Akira Nagai in 1972, began manufacturing as Nagai Bellows. Apart Nabell USA, located in North Carolina, Nabell has factories in Japan, Korea and China. We provide a wide array of bellows to multiple industries and markets, including:

  • Material Handling
  • Medical & Scientific
  • Machine Tool (Laser, Router, Plasma and Water Jet)
  • Optical & Precision
  • Semiconductor
  • Clean Room
  • Amusement and Gaming

Protecting the Industrial Equipment
It goes without saying that industrial equipment will function as desired for many years, provided it is properly protected from offensive or aggressive environmental factors. This can be achieved by using bellows that are constructed from a large variety of materials and designed to meet your unique specifications. Other than bellows, Nabell USA also provides different protective covers, used in a variety of applications. These are simple solutions that help keep the different industrial equipment safe and away from factors that may have an adverse impact on the equipment.

Helping You with the Customization
What if you need help or have a specific requirement of a bellows or protective cover? Well, Nabell has a solution for this, as well. The company will help you design a customized Bellows depending on your requirements, submit a drawing for your approval and get to work making 1 or 1000 pieces.

  • Medical bellows
  • Clean Room Bellows
  • Flat Bellows
  • Linear Motion Bellows
  • Three-sided Bellows
  • Industrial Bellows
  • Camera and Tapered Bellows
  • Round Bellows

Apart from those mentioned above, other types that you can expect from Nabell are bellows for CMM, EDM, Milling and Boring machines as well as polygonal, enclosed, and roll screen bellows.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned above, give our engineers a call to discuss your application and requirements.

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