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Bellows are covers specially made for a variety of industrial equipment, machinery, and even flooring, which help prevent any sort of external damage to the machines. They even safeguard the workers operating that machine by covering hot and dangerous areas of the machine. These are usually made of superior quality fabrics that can withstand harsh industrial environments involving chemicals, heat, abrasion, and more. Dust cover bellows, as the term implies, protect the machines from spillages, dust, saw, dirt, and more. They also protect people from trapping portions of moving or operating machines. These dust covers are available in variety of designs to meet different application requirements. Due to the variety in designs, choosing the right dust cover for your application can be daunting. This post discusses dust cover bellows designs and offers selection tips.

Pointers to Consider When Choosing Dust Cover Bellows Designs

In an industrial system, there could be various types of fixtures, pipes, tubing, and other equipment of specific shapes, diameter, and dimensions. The bellows you choose for each of these must fit them well to give the right protection to equipment and workers. Here are some pointers to consider when choosing a dust cover bellows design.

  • It is always ideal to opt for a robust yet flexible material such as rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and so on.
  • Depending on your application environment, ensure the material selected is resistant to heat or chemical spillages, impact of falling objects, and so on.
  • Their internal measurements, mouth forms, and openings are also a crucial aspect in terms of ease of removal and accurate fit.
  • Stretching ability and bending radius are important aspects as well and knowing the upper stretching limit of the material helps you choose the right maximum and minimum lengths for your equipment.
  • The bend radius vs crack resistance of the material is also an important factor to check as cracked bellows do not offer the required protection. They do not serve any purpose if any substance like oil, chemicals, water, lubricant, or coolants spill in the bellows, since it is likely to enter inside the machine. Hence, in spite of a high bend radius, resistance to cracking and wear is crucial.
  • Usually, these bellows are available in various shapes such as cylindrical, conical, square, triangular, circular, and more.
  • In case of a highly dusty environment, the flexible dust skirting size must be more than normal as the dust can be easily wiped away.
  • In the above scenario, you can opt for a loading chute with dust collection bellows which collect the dust.
  • You can also have jet filters for the entire dust collection system, so that the dust is not blown to the outside environment.
  • Like any another tool or accessory, these bellows also need maintenance. They need to be cleaned periodically so that they do not become sticky or oily. Regular cleaning increases their operational life and reduces wear and tear.

Do you need a customized dust cover bellows to suit your requirement? If yes, ensure you share your requirements with a reliable and experienced bellows manufacturer who makes these bellows in various shapes and sizes. Nabell USA Corp is a well-known corporation making custom bellows for various industrial applications. The company does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and hence does not make any standard products. They are experts in customization.

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