Know About CMM Bellows

Bellows are type of covers or enclosures to protect industrial equipment, machines and even aisles from any kind of external damage, spillage, dust, contamination, and so on. Many industries use precision equipment and sensitive devices like Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for which special type of bellows are required. CMM bellows are specially designed lightweight bellows for CMMs, which facilitates thermal expansion and contraction. They also offer protection from dust, contamination, and so on. How do these bellows differ from other industrial bellows? How do they help improve the lifespan of CMM? Read this post to know more.

CMM Bellows and Their Uses Discussed

Here are some pointers which explain what a CMM machine is and the significance of CMM bellows.

  • CMM or coordinate measuring machine is a device with a probe that senses specific points on an object surface to calculate the geometrical dimensions. This probe may be of mechanical, optical, or laser type, and can be used manually or controlled through a computer program or function.
  • The probe traverses through X, Y, Z coordinates based on some reference point and the displacement of the probe, coordinate readings are calculated. Also, angles and bents are covered by the probe as all surfaces may not be flat or plain.
  • Such precision based machines with sensors need lightweight bellows but with a good tensile strength. Thus, CMM bellows were developed, which are now used in other applications as well.
  • Mostly made of polyurethane coated polyester, these bellows have a thickness of around 0.16mm.
  • They are made using thermal welding and designed for harsh industrial environments and sensitive devices requiring extreme precision.
  • These bellows are the best when custom made so that they cover all the coordinate levels on the surface. Also, the movement of the probe at the specified speed is an important aspect when designing these bellows. This is one reason why the material used must be lightweight as it suits high speed movements.
  • Depending on the equipment surface, the shape of these bellows may be flat, L-shaped, slanted, and so on covering two or more sides.
  • These are mostly pleated bellows, and aside from CMM, used in other metric systems and measurement equipment. They are also used in systems with actuators, slide ways, component inspection devices, equipment used to check the tensile strength of an object, and so on. So, basically, CMM bellows are useful in all such machines that have parts which facilitate movements at certain speeds, sensing and measurement abilities, and precision based.
  • It is essential that CMM bellows must be removable and designed for retrofitting onto the machine or equipment.
  • These bellows not only protect the machines from dirt and contamination but also ensure safety of workers and help prevent injuries. Also, they help extend the operating life of the machine and maintain accuracy levels in measurements and readings.

If you are looking for custom CMM bellows for your industrial application, ensure you source them from reliable and experienced bellows manufacturers and suppliers. Nabell USA Corp is a well-known player specializing in bellows of various types including CMM bellows. The company offers customized bellows and does not really have any standard products.

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