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Today, most labor-intensive tasks across industries are automated. They are performed using various types of machines. Although these machines are designed for challenging environments some of these linear machines and guides cannot sustain contamination, high temperature, dirt, and dust. This is where protective way covers can work. These way covers are distinguished based on their designs. There are two types of way covers – bellows type way covers and telescopic type way covers. Of these, bellows type way covers are used to protect certain parts fully or partially. However, telescopic way covers are used to protect them fully. The way covers are generally distinguished by their design. Three-sided way covers are the most common types of way covers used across industries. What makes them unique? How are they built? This post discusses these way covers in detail and aims to answer many of the questions that you may have in mind regarding them.

Three-Sided Way Covers Discussed in Detail

These way covers are generally designed to protect the machine and industrial equipment from coolants, heavy loads, oils, dropped devices, and so on. Three-sided way covers offer versatility in terms of use and flexibility in design, which makes them popular. Here are some of their features and specifications.

  • The three-sided way covers can be built using a wide range of materials including aluminized Kevlar, polyurethane, neoprene-coated nylon, polyurethane-coated polyester, and nylon, silicone fiberglass cloth, and polyurethane coated Nomex, and so on.
  • The way covers are made from different types of processes such as RF welding, thermal welding, sewing and folding, and so on.
  • Although their thicknesses may vary across manufacturers, way covers are generally offered in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 1.7 mm.
  • They can be made with single-layer or multi-layer fabric depending on the part to be protected.
  • By changing the material combination and layers, these way covers can be easily customized for your application requirements.
  • They are widely used across refinery and petrochemical, water and irrigation, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, energy, aerospace and defense, and other industries.

Although you may be already familiar with way covers or even three-sided way covers, that is not enough. As they perform an important role in protecting your machine parts, it is important to invest in quality way covers. Nabell is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of bellows covers in the US. The company provides way covers in different specifications to meet your application requirements. Their bellows meet different standards such as RoHS, REACH, COC, FAIR CONFLICT Minerals, and UL94 VTM-0. You can also approach the experts at the company for way cover repair services, which is exclusively handled by their Maintenance, Repair, and Operating (MRO) department.

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